Public Consultation – Strategic Waste Management Plan NOW OPEN!

The Bunbury-Harvey Regional Council is seeking feedback from the community on the:

Draft Strategic Waste Management Plan 2018 – 2022

We want to ensure the Draft provides the framework to provide sustainable waste minimisation, recycling and alternative waste treatment services while reducing the environmental impact of waste and maximising the conservation of natural resources through reduced material use and increased resource recovery – and we welcome your thoughts.

To view or download the document please click on link Public Consultation 2018 – Strategic Waste Management Plan

The consultation period is open from 14 June 2018 until 16 July 2018


Included in the information package:

  • Feedback Form
  • Reference documents
    • Strategic Waste Management Plan 2016
    • 10 Year Financial Plan
    • Workforce Plan
  • Department of Water and Environment Regulations
    • Environmental Protection Act
    • Environmental Protection (Rural Landfill) Regulations
  • Victoria Environmental Protection Agency
    • Best Practice Environmental Management – Sitting, Design, Operation and Rehabilitation of Landfills (2014) (Best Practice Landfill Guidelines)


Any enquiries can be directed to:

Contact:       Michelle Lloyd (Workplace Safety Advisor/Compliance Officer)


Phone:         0437 397 764

Contact:      Tony Battersby (Chief Executive Officer)


Phone:         0407 990 659

Postal:       Bunbury-Harvey Regional Council

                      PO BOX 111, AUSTRALIND WA 6233