Council Contact Details

Chief Executive Officer 

Name:             Tony Battersby

Address:          Po Box 111 Australind WA 6233

Phone:             (08) 9711 1051



Name:             Martinette Pieterse

Postal:             Po Box 111 Australind WA 6233

Phone:             (08) 9711 1051


Office Hours:

Monday to Friday          7:00am to 4:00pm

Stanley Road Waste Management Facility – Site Details 

Address:          Lot 45 Stanley Road, Wellesley WA 6233

Postal:             Po Box 111 Australind WA 6233

Phone:             (08) 9797 2404


Facility Operating Hours:       

Monday to Friday        8:00am to 5:00pm

Saturday to Sunday    8:00am to 5:00pm

Public Holidays            8:00am to 5:00pm

Closed – Christmas Day, New Year’s Day & Good Friday

Bunbury Wellington Waste Education

Waste Education Coordinator

Name:             Emma Clay

Postal:             Po Box 111 Australind WA 6233

Phone:             (08) 9711 1053

Mobile:            0408 175 444


Office Hours:

Monday to Thursday 8:30am – 5:00pm

Waste Education Officer (Maternity Leave December 2016 – January 2018)

Name:             Emma Thomas

Postal:             Po Box 111 Australind WA 6233

Phone:             (08) 9711 1053

Mobile:            0409 797 444


Office Hours:

Tuesday to Thursday 9:30am – 4:30pm

Acting Waste Education Officer (December 2016 – January 2018)

Name:              Kate Shaw

Postal:              Po Box 111 Australind WA 6233

Phone:              (08) 9711 1053

Mobile:             0409 797 444


Office Hours:

Tuesday to Thursday 9:30am – 4:30pm

Councillor Contact Details


Name:             Cr Judy Jones (City of Bunbury)

Address:          27D Gibbs Street, Carey Park WA 6230

Phone:             (08) 9721 3983

Mobile:            0400 213 983


Information:    I have a long record of commitment to the residents of Bunbury. In past years I have been involved in many community organisation, more recently with the publication of “Bunbury: I Remember When” and the Bunbury Aged Persons Housing Collective.

Currently I am the Chairman of the Bunbury Cemetery Board. My personal vision for the City of Bunbury places emphasis on making judgements with fair and equitable outcomes for the community.

Deputy Chairman

Name:             Cr Bill Adams (Shire of Harvey)

Address:          5 Brennans Way, Australind WA 6233

Phone:             (08) 9725 8291

Mobile:            0403 500 647



Name:             Cr Peter Monagle (Shire of Harvey)

Address:          236 Coalfields Highway, Roelands WA 6224

Phone:             (08) 9726 3206

Mobile:            0411 287 766



Name:             Cr Murray Cook (City of Bunbury)

Address:          Unit 3/2 Columba Street, South Bunbury WA 6230

Phone:             –

Mobile:            0409 595 858


Information:    Born and bred in the South West, I have returned after a number of years away working in the mining industry to be near my mother (Dorothy Cook) and sister (Pamela Himing – married to Mervyn), who lived here and enjoy the Bunbury lifestyle.

I am a member of the State Emergency Services (SES), an affiliate member of the RSL and sit on the City’s Bunbury Region Road Wise Committee. In 2009 I was awarded the Bunbury Unit SES Outstanding Service Award and in 2010 a Human Spirit Award for my “dedication and contribution to road safety initiates in the Bunbury region”.

I am a Justice of the Peace (JP) and have provided this service to the community for the last 31 years.


Name:             Cr Jaysen De San Miguel (City of Bunbury)

Address:          Unit 1 / 9 Strickland Street, Bunbury WA 6230

Phone:             (08) 9721 5422

Mobile:            0439 091 268


Deputy Delegates/Councillors

Name:             Cr James Hayward (City of Bunbury)

Address:          11 Haydock Street, Bunbury WA 6230

Phone:             (08) 9792 1480

Mobile:            0427 448 700



Name:             Cr Joel McGuinness (City of Bunbury)

Address:          29 Steere Crescent, Carey Park WA 6230

Mobile:            0419 668 584



Name:             Cr Wendy Giles (City of Bunbury)

Address:          15A Morrissey Street, Glen Iris WA 6230

Phone:             –

Mobile:            0417 795 531


Information:    I am the Associate Dean of ECU South West and I have made my home in Bunbury. I have worked in Universities and schools in various places in WA and around Australia as an Associate Professor and Principal. My younger son has joined me in Bunbury, and my other son lives in Perth.

I am interested in recreation facilities for all ages and interests and support increased access to excellent public amenities such as dedicated bike paths, well maintained parks and sporting facilities.

I have played a lot of sport myself, mainly hockey and squash, and know how important it is in people’s lives. I am an avid cricket and AFL (Freo) supporter. I would like to make Bunbury a destination rather than a thoroughfare and, to do this we need to attract more big events. I am also passionate about education and want to see the regional opportunities maintained and expanded. I am committed to the long term future of Bunbury in all its aspects, and welcome consultation with the community.


Name:             Cr John Sabourne (Shire of Harvey)

Address:          127 Tenth Street, Harvey WA 6220

Phone:             (08) 9729 1694



Name:             Cr Tania Jackson (Shire of Harvey)

Address:          21 Eckersley Way, Australind WA 6233

Phone:             –

Mobile:            0417 957 405